Monday, January 14, 2013

My Pinterest Faves


So you are a facebook and twitter fan. You spend a good amount or most of your free time on those sites and it can be quite fun. Some of you might have heard of pinterest and some of you might have not. Some of you that heard of it and haven't signed up yet or might think it's not all that should think again. To me pinterest has a creative and unique way for us to express ourselves.... using pictures!!! Like some of the ones I will be posting below. You can pretty much pin stuff from all over the internet which for me is very interesting.. You can follow boards which you think is interesting! Boards are pretty much a place where you put pin alike or similar or in category such as my " Women Thoings" board in which I put any and everything pertaining to women. It can be shoes, dress, underwear or accessaries.. As long as it is for women.. Then I have my "Men of all ages" where I put things for men of all ages.. Can be deodarant for me, swim trunks , shoes.. you know what ever my taste is I will put on that board. Some people are into scary movies so they will go to a movie site and pin what they like..Some are into gourmet food so then find restaurants or catering services with pictures of the food.. yummy! looking so delicious and pin it to their board and so on.

How do you pin? It is simple. You can either UPLOAD A PIC from your computer and then add a description and link to it or again you can upload thePIN IT BUTTON ansd drag it to your bookmarks bar and everytime you see something you like all do do is click the PIN IT on your bookmark bar and it will grab all the pictures on the site your are looking at that way you can pick the one you want. If you want more than one then just do it again and again until you get all your pics. You can also repin. REPIN is looking on other people boards and when you see something you like you can repin it to your board. You will see and repin once your mouse is on the picture you like- jut click to repin and your done. Oh yeah , Npw they've added something new to pinterest which ia called the secret board and it is only revealed to whom you want to see it!

Pinterest is DA BOMB and apparently I am not the only one who think so. It is the new phenomimum with its rapid growth is more popular than fb and twtr now so check it out at and add me as well That is my little boys name.. He is now 3 months old. I am sooo happy.. Anyways, That's another story.. I hope you guys enjoy your pinterest! And for those who is already aprt of it.. Follow my boards and I will sure to follow yours.

Take a look at some of my favorite pins below in no particular order. These are just some of the things I like very very much.. Enough to write about it!

God Bless!


Croc Limited Edition Pink Breast Cancer AC Designer Dryer

Now you know all of us women love us a blowdryer! No one wants to walk around with a wet head of hair..You dry it with the towel only for it to start dripping again wetting up the shoulder of your clothes. At one point or the other one of us got sick from it and didn't realise about it.. I really like this because it is dedicated to people with breast cancer.The sales of from this pink dryer goes to support  breast cancer awareness so if you know someone who has breat cancer this your chance to show your support!

Save 39% off with FREE Shipping

                                      WAS $180.00 now only $109.99

The croc designer AC dryer features a ceramic ball air purifying technology. 100% ceramic spheres help to activate and ionize water molecules while purifying the air. The ceramic spheres filter the air containing carbon dioxide into a combination of pure oxygen and negative ions helping to purify the hair.

- Ceramic ball air purifying technology
- Powerful ionizer-produces continuous stream of over 3 million negative  ions
- Positive and negative switch
- Shock tested-uilt with a dual housing structure for extreme duraility
- Powerful AC motor
- Light weight
- Ergonomic design
- Specially designed cap with silent fan blade-reduces noise and allows optimal air flow

Weight 2.45 lbs and you get a 1yr warranty! Beautiful isn't it?!!!


   Jordan - Retro Ajix Snapback

Now I got this for my Grey is one of my favorite colors other than yellow, red, n black.. He said i like it but did you get me this because it's your favorite color or because it looks good on me.. I said both.. I bought him so far about 15 grey things so he knows i like grey on him but because i like grey..It's a smooth color..relax type of mood to me. Anyways. here is more about the cap.

Of course it's's has a snapack adjustable strap on the back so it will fit any size head. It also has the iconic hoop on the side you know the jordan logo with the man with hi hand in the air like he is getting ready to dunk..picture him trying to dunk and miss the saying..Back to the's 100% wool / Also available in Black's on sale! $5 off is a big deal so there..That's it!

Was $30.00 now only $24.95 This is a good buy if you are a cap fanatic!

Beats By Dre High Defination Headphones
I have to get one of these! This is definately in my to get list..You should know they also have these


 BEATS BY DRE MENS White Accessories / Headphones WAS $449.95 NOW>>$399.99

BEATS BY DRE MENS Black Accessories / Headphones Was $449.95 NOW >>$299.97

these are different from the one pictured below..Click the link above if you want to see it.

-Light and compact tri fold design
-Ultra low profile right angle connectors hugs your music player
-3.5 mm cable
-Comffortable light weight fit
-Fabric: Super durable and lexible materials

                      Was $449.95 now only $399.99


Hollywood Cross-Body Messenger Bag - Black

The american dream lives on in this hollywood crossbody messenger bag by bedstu. The cone-shaped mockamerican flag stud pattern complements the hand washed, distressed leather for a vintage look with modern style. Material: Leather - Style name: Hollywood.

Was $175.00 now only $122.50

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shoppy Shoe Pics

As a woman. I love shoes.. Which woman dont? Ok, So I can admit when I was younger..A little tomboy, Softball/volleyall player, The last thing on my mind was shoes. I loved wearing sneakers..Nike, Reeboks and so on. But as I grew older, I started changing. Hanging out with the girls they got me into make up, fashion and SHOES!!!! Now I want a shoe for every outfit. Im such a big fan of shoes I did this blog on I cant afford em all.. Some of em is waaaaayyyyy out my price range But I still love to look at em.. Admire em... I can wear shoes that are comfortable but the prettier the shoe the better and if it's uncomfortable who cares as long as they look good on my feet and matches my dress or jean because oem shoes does look quite nice with jeans too!.

 I remember this one time going to the studio with my best friend/Manager J, She had the time of her life because my shoe was killing my feet and I wa fronting like nothing was wrong but she knows me too well and she was laughing her butt off. She said are you sure you dont want to take a cab? Because none of us wanted to drive and I said nooo lets take the nyc subway.. Ooouch..Why did I say that.. just lets say, If we had taken the cab my feet wouldn't have hurt as much as it did from all the walking we did. On our way back she said you want to take a cab..? I said nooo lets walk to the train.. But we walked a few blocks and I was like omg omg I gotta take these shoes off.. they are killing my feet and she busted out laughing  saying you wanted to look cute with them shoes and now look at you..I was trying to wave a cab down crying and walking funny everytime I made a step and she is laughing like crazy .. Im getting mad like  help me catch a cab.. help me catch a cab.. And no cab was stopping until like a half an hour later which seems like years for me.. So we are in the cab and Im like yes.. these shoes are beautiful..looking at them in the cab ( I had them in my hand) I was bear footed.. And she looked at me and said ..  so when are you planning on wearing them again.. And we both started laughing.. END of my TRUE story..

So yes.. Shoes.. I love em..NO MATTER WHAT.. they are my Look a some of my faves below.. Some I have and some I cant wait to get.. Wanna buy me one? :-)

Feel free to click either on the shoe itself or the CLICK HERE cover in red to go to the shoe site to see the shoe and other shoes jthey have ust as beautiful. Thanks foro reading as I had fun writing!


                                                              Christian Dior Shoe-
Description: Pumps - Open toe - bow accent - Lace details - Covered heel 4,8 inches - Velvet insole - Leather sole with rubber heel pad - Made in italy - Main color beige

                 $940.00 now ONLY $532.35                         CLICK HERE to go to shoe site!   


                                                         Christian Dior Shoe-
Description:  Pumps - Open toe - Lace-up -  Python Embossed Leather Details - Zip onsole with logo - Leather sole with rubber 12 cm heel pad - Made in italy - Main color: Mud
                 $913.00 now ONLY $516.75                         CLICK HERE to go to shoe site!

                                                               Christian Dior Shoe-
Description: Booties - Buckled vamp - utton detail on side - Zip closure on side - Round toe - Platform booties - Covered 5,2 inches heel - Silver metal buckle - Leather insole logo - Leather sole with rubber heel pad - Material: Leather - Made in italy

            $1233.00 now ONLY $694.85                                      CLICK HERE to go to shoe site!                                                

                                                               -Christian Dior Shoe-
Description: Sandals - Open toe - Wooden platform - Studs all around - Metal buckle at the ankle - Rubber sole - Made in italy - 14cm heel - Material: Leather wood - Main color: Nude

               $864.00 now ONLY $487.50                                      CLICK HERE to go to shoe site!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DNA FootWear Shoe Sale

I am a shoe And There are so many shoe sale going around everywhere But I like this site and right now they are having a lot of sales on the shoes. So I've posted some shoes But you can feel free to go to the site it self by clicking on any of the shoes or by the actual link to see other shoes they have that you might like. I'd say go while the sale is still on! Of course I will try my best to keep them updated with the right price.


          Camper - Casual low heel shoe - Serlara Negro     

Kim is camper's everyday shoe with a comfortable heel hright so if your are new to shoes you dont have to worry about falling :-)

Description:  - Leather upper - 1 1/2 Heels - Leather Lining - Rubber Sole


  WAS $165   NOW ONLY    $115              Click here to go to shoe

                          Heart Soul  Kane Casual High Heel Bootie - Khaki Cognac

For the everyday fashionista on the go who loves nature and a good party, Heart Soul has created Kane, a casual high heel ootie with rubber gripped soles, Perfect for a walk in the dirt path of your local park, and the loft party downtown!

Description:   Lycra fabric upper - 5" heel - 1" platform - Lycra fabric lining - 4" shaft                                    
                                        Rubber sole - Style: kane

                                 WAS $79.99   NOW ONLY    $55.99              Click here to go to shoe

                         Betsey Johnson - Deandra high heel peep toe Blk/Wht

Pierce and sweet finally meet in the deandra pump Beatsey Johnson. The deandrea heel features a unique mesh and black python and white leather upper with an open toe adorned with three mini bows at the vamp, a black python covered 3/4 inch platform stiletto heel. Spice up any outfit with this zebra inspired heel

Description: Leather upper - 5" heel - 1" platform - Leather lining- Covered heel - Manmade sole

                      WAS $89.99   NOW ONLY    $36.00              Click here to go to shoe


Plenty by Tracy Reese - Perry Mid Heel Bootie - Desert Brown

Care for a ride? Lets take a moment and cruise in the penny loves kenny

Description: N/A

              WAS $159.99   NOW ONLY    $80.00              Click here to go to shoe


Extreme - Village High Heel Bootie - Black

Straps and buckles and studs, Oh my! Step into these dynamite and absolutely rocker chic booties from Extreme by Eddie Marc and cause a scene.

Description:4" Heel - style Name: Village ( Also avail in Brown)

WAS $89.99   NOW ONLY    $62.00              Click here to go to shoe


Do Surveys - Win Big

Ok You Guys,

I've found some very nice surveys I think Is work doing. Usualy I am not a survey fan But these ones I can really benefit from. So I did them, What da heck.. What do I have to loose? Nothing really But If I win I gain tremendously. So Check em out, Im sure you can find at least one of them that will be beneficial to you or someone you love.

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 Win a Dream Harley

                           Win a $50,000 Scholarship

     Win $1,500 Cash for your Opinions
 Win the Ultimate Gas Grill

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Profit Clicking - review


A lot of people want to know what is Profit Clicking. PC is  a so called hyip program that helps you earn money everyday (2% on weekdays and 1% on weekends)It used to be called Jusr Been Paid or JPP or also JSS TRIPLER. The tripler is because it triples your money.

There are 3 ways to earn:

1. By daily commission

2. By promoting your affiliate links or business in the traffic exchange - Someone might sign up to one of your other programs or buy a product you are promoting

3. By referrals  - Asking others to join under you.. Family friend or strangers by promoting you PC link.

Since JPP was sold to the current owner whom many believe is the same owner since the domain whois info say it's so. Things have been good although in the begining the transition was somewhat slow. I wa not getting my daily commission, Or so I thought until one day I logged in and notice my money there! Up to right now I am still not getting paid everyday but it's much better because I am getting my commissions every 2 days whence before it took  up to 10 days to see my earnings but I was patient, Did not bad mouth PC and My instincts paid off.

The website is much better and there are a few new things added such as you have to view 3 ads to make sure your commision is paid to you while before in JPP we didn't have to do anything to see the money roll in. Also you get to see right when you log in how much you made in the past 24 hours.. I like that too!

Now just looking from the out side you might say that this program is not worth taking a look at because the website say its for companys to advertise thier business by buying add packages @ $10 a pop which in return your ad gets shown to over a million pc members in the traffic exchange so that you may be able to get leads and sales if your product or whatever you are promoting catches someone's interest and they will buy.

The reason I say you dont need to be a business owner is because anyone can use pc for thier own benefit. The average joe or the lady next door can simply go to an affiliate or publihing company such as: and register as a publisher or if you are a vender or have a product you would like to be promoted by giving a commission to affiliates who help sell your product you can go to HERE to register.   just to mention a few.. which of course I am  a part of! You can go there and sign up as a pulisher and once approved you can get many products in many different categories and use your links in PC so many will see it and perhaps buy from the company in in return you get a commission aside from the commissions you already recieve from PC.


See what a ton of people is saying about this program that lets you lose weight
 while still enjoying the foods you love to eat?


PC Continued-

Now you might say you dont need to need to join profit clicking because 2% on a daily basis is not much. But what you have to understand is how the program works to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You get 2% per ad package bought which in this case you get pif -pay it forward from pc itself so you can see how the program work and once you see that you are actually making you will want to invest some of your own money. I am not saying go and spend you savings or your childrens scholarship money nooo way.. What I am saying is start of with $20 bucks like I did and then use the carculator in your back office and see how much you will be making. Or you can even use the carculator before you sign up on the home page of PC. Just punch in more or less what you would like to put in and it will tell you on the spot what you will be getting back if you dont upgrade and also what you will get back if you do.

So, Like I was saying for each $10 pacakge you buy you are getting back a return of 150% at the end of 81 days so each ad package is 20 cents a piece and you've put in 20$ so you will have a return of $30 bucks (which is your $10 bucks you paid for your ad pack and an extra $5 on top of that so to me this program is really free) unless now here is the big part everytime your 20cents commission reach to $10 instead of taking it out you buy another ad pack and continue until the end of your 81 days now you've bought maybe 20 or more ad packs which each is giving you that $15 in return and now on top of that it gets thrown into the matrix cycle which then turns around and give yous another $15 bucks per package or $60 for every 4 retired ad packs (81 days ended) so you go out with a bang. At the end once you upgrade it's now $10 a month but it's not coming out of your pocket it's coming from your daily commissions and that's only if you want to triple your money. You  dont have to do it but I'd say anyone in thier right mind will jump to the chance to have that happen. If you dont do it then you just have $15 per each ad pack at the end of the 81 cycle or like I said you can have $30 per ad pack ad the end of 81 days cycle.

There are many other things you can do at PC like going in to the training area where there are many tools and information on how to promote not only your profit clicking refferal id link but also other company's who you are affiliated with. There is a conference room and newly added ay's housel. I mean there are a lot going on over there but the main things is what I said you dont need to have a company to make money with Pc, Just test it out and take it from there...The more money you put in the more you get out. There are some people who said there go to the bank to get a loan and are happy with the results. I'll say they are risk takers but then again If I did have the money to do it that way I would also only because this program has been working for me. I have been taking some out to pay bills here and there but when my cycle ends I put most of it back in... it's like getting your tax return every 3 months. It's GREAT!!! But that's because to the point where I am at, I am already making 250 a day. It was a little process but I went in with my $20 and then once I understood how everything worked I started putting in $40 one week and $50 the other week until it grew to where it is now.

I hope you understand what I said, I hope I didn't sound too mummbly for you but I think you should give it a try because with the FREE $10 you get to test it out.. You wont be disappointed.

Of course I am your sponsor (suzieferr) so here is your link

If you have any questions once you've sign up, you will see my email in your back office and you can feel free to contact me anytime!

Thanks for reading - God Bless!!

Magic Dolla

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Finally, the right everything is in place to make Staggering $$ . . 

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Magic Dolla did just what it said! 

I enrolled 10 people, got $7 in Pocket, and moved to the next level. 

Finally, a company that does exactly what it says it will do! Thanks, Magic Dolla! 

--Greg Jones

Instant payment. Wonderful. 

Site is well done. 

Easy to get the seats filled when you have a great site to work with. 

Magic Dolla, I thank you. 

--Marlin Julson

What a cool little advertising program this MagicDolla. Too easy! 

--Wade Torsey

In the first two days I was already had a seat in group 2, and I haven't really gotten started yet. 

Big potential here guys. 

Just work it! Get it out there. 

--Minister Dane Edwards

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I wanted to share with you a site I found that can save you a lot of money. when I found this site I was smiling because for me It's a big deal. I am from central america and I send things to Belize so my sister can sell them for me then I give her a piece of the profit. and in Belize you buy something from here cost 4 times as much.The things I saw on this site still to this day amazes me. It's a membership site. If you want to buy anything you have to be a member but all you have to do is sign up with your email address to buy what they have and you can also become an elite member with benefits such as:

Getting to see what it's like to be an elite memer for 48 hours
Getting $20 in saveology money to buy on the site / get it every month if you stay after 48 hrs
A free $10 itunes giftcard
Extra discounts on already low prices

Being an elite member is good because it only cost $15 a month and you already get it back each month with the $20 saveology money they give you. On top of that you get

50% of movie tickets
$25. to monthly
up to $100 in grocery coupons
6 mp3 music track a month
And a carfax vihicle history report

Trust me you wont regrett it. They also have trips you can take.. Yes vacation trip for much cheaper prices here is one of them :

$1,318 for 7-Night Stay for Two at Occidental Grand Punta Cana All-Inclusive Resort with Ground Transfers ($2,496 Value)

Here are 2 other website where you will enjoy savings on your purchase


Here are some coupon links you might find useful... Hopefuly they are not expired y the time you get to them! I will check on them every once in a while to make sure they are still valid!

5 Dollar Smile

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The vast majority of people are honest and would never cheat. No one wants that kind of Karma hanging over them.


When joining this simple and easy gifting program, just copy and paste the above text and replace the name you're sending the gift to with your own PayPal address!  Don't forget to add the note "HERE IS A $5 GIFT FOR YOU" when you send your gift.  *This note is what keeps the program legal.

P.S.  You do not need your own website for this program.  You can simply use the text as the body of your email or other posts.  If you do want a website, you can get one for free by clicking the WebStarts link at the bottom of this page.