Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shoppy Shoe Pics

As a woman. I love shoes.. Which woman dont? Ok, So I can admit when I was younger..A little tomboy, Softball/volleyall player, The last thing on my mind was shoes. I loved wearing sneakers..Nike, Reeboks and so on. But as I grew older, I started changing. Hanging out with the girls they got me into make up, fashion and SHOES!!!! Now I want a shoe for every outfit. Im such a big fan of shoes I did this blog on I cant afford em all.. Some of em is waaaaayyyyy out my price range But I still love to look at em.. Admire em... I can wear shoes that are comfortable but the prettier the shoe the better and if it's uncomfortable who cares as long as they look good on my feet and matches my dress or jean because oem shoes does look quite nice with jeans too!.

 I remember this one time going to the studio with my best friend/Manager J, She had the time of her life because my shoe was killing my feet and I wa fronting like nothing was wrong but she knows me too well and she was laughing her butt off. She said are you sure you dont want to take a cab? Because none of us wanted to drive and I said nooo lets take the nyc subway.. Ooouch..Why did I say that.. just lets say, If we had taken the cab my feet wouldn't have hurt as much as it did from all the walking we did. On our way back she said you want to take a cab..? I said nooo lets walk to the train.. But we walked a few blocks and I was like omg omg I gotta take these shoes off.. they are killing my feet and she busted out laughing  saying you wanted to look cute with them shoes and now look at you..I was trying to wave a cab down crying and walking funny everytime I made a step and she is laughing like crazy .. Im getting mad like  help me catch a cab.. help me catch a cab.. And no cab was stopping until like a half an hour later which seems like years for me.. So we are in the cab and Im like yes.. these shoes are beautiful..looking at them in the cab ( I had them in my hand) I was bear footed.. And she looked at me and said ..  so when are you planning on wearing them again.. And we both started laughing.. END of my TRUE story..

So yes.. Shoes.. I love em..NO MATTER WHAT.. they are my Look a some of my faves below.. Some I have and some I cant wait to get.. Wanna buy me one? :-)

Feel free to click either on the shoe itself or the CLICK HERE cover in red to go to the shoe site to see the shoe and other shoes jthey have ust as beautiful. Thanks foro reading as I had fun writing!


                                                              Christian Dior Shoe-
Description: Pumps - Open toe - bow accent - Lace details - Covered heel 4,8 inches - Velvet insole - Leather sole with rubber heel pad - Made in italy - Main color beige

                 $940.00 now ONLY $532.35                         CLICK HERE to go to shoe site!   


                                                         Christian Dior Shoe-
Description:  Pumps - Open toe - Lace-up -  Python Embossed Leather Details - Zip onsole with logo - Leather sole with rubber 12 cm heel pad - Made in italy - Main color: Mud
                 $913.00 now ONLY $516.75                         CLICK HERE to go to shoe site!

                                                               Christian Dior Shoe-
Description: Booties - Buckled vamp - utton detail on side - Zip closure on side - Round toe - Platform booties - Covered 5,2 inches heel - Silver metal buckle - Leather insole logo - Leather sole with rubber heel pad - Material: Leather - Made in italy

            $1233.00 now ONLY $694.85                                      CLICK HERE to go to shoe site!                                                

                                                               -Christian Dior Shoe-
Description: Sandals - Open toe - Wooden platform - Studs all around - Metal buckle at the ankle - Rubber sole - Made in italy - 14cm heel - Material: Leather wood - Main color: Nude

               $864.00 now ONLY $487.50                                      CLICK HERE to go to shoe site!

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