Monday, January 14, 2013

My Pinterest Faves


So you are a facebook and twitter fan. You spend a good amount or most of your free time on those sites and it can be quite fun. Some of you might have heard of pinterest and some of you might have not. Some of you that heard of it and haven't signed up yet or might think it's not all that should think again. To me pinterest has a creative and unique way for us to express ourselves.... using pictures!!! Like some of the ones I will be posting below. You can pretty much pin stuff from all over the internet which for me is very interesting.. You can follow boards which you think is interesting! Boards are pretty much a place where you put pin alike or similar or in category such as my " Women Thoings" board in which I put any and everything pertaining to women. It can be shoes, dress, underwear or accessaries.. As long as it is for women.. Then I have my "Men of all ages" where I put things for men of all ages.. Can be deodarant for me, swim trunks , shoes.. you know what ever my taste is I will put on that board. Some people are into scary movies so they will go to a movie site and pin what they like..Some are into gourmet food so then find restaurants or catering services with pictures of the food.. yummy! looking so delicious and pin it to their board and so on.

How do you pin? It is simple. You can either UPLOAD A PIC from your computer and then add a description and link to it or again you can upload thePIN IT BUTTON ansd drag it to your bookmarks bar and everytime you see something you like all do do is click the PIN IT on your bookmark bar and it will grab all the pictures on the site your are looking at that way you can pick the one you want. If you want more than one then just do it again and again until you get all your pics. You can also repin. REPIN is looking on other people boards and when you see something you like you can repin it to your board. You will see and repin once your mouse is on the picture you like- jut click to repin and your done. Oh yeah , Npw they've added something new to pinterest which ia called the secret board and it is only revealed to whom you want to see it!

Pinterest is DA BOMB and apparently I am not the only one who think so. It is the new phenomimum with its rapid growth is more popular than fb and twtr now so check it out at and add me as well That is my little boys name.. He is now 3 months old. I am sooo happy.. Anyways, That's another story.. I hope you guys enjoy your pinterest! And for those who is already aprt of it.. Follow my boards and I will sure to follow yours.

Take a look at some of my favorite pins below in no particular order. These are just some of the things I like very very much.. Enough to write about it!

God Bless!


Croc Limited Edition Pink Breast Cancer AC Designer Dryer

Now you know all of us women love us a blowdryer! No one wants to walk around with a wet head of hair..You dry it with the towel only for it to start dripping again wetting up the shoulder of your clothes. At one point or the other one of us got sick from it and didn't realise about it.. I really like this because it is dedicated to people with breast cancer.The sales of from this pink dryer goes to support  breast cancer awareness so if you know someone who has breat cancer this your chance to show your support!

Save 39% off with FREE Shipping

                                      WAS $180.00 now only $109.99

The croc designer AC dryer features a ceramic ball air purifying technology. 100% ceramic spheres help to activate and ionize water molecules while purifying the air. The ceramic spheres filter the air containing carbon dioxide into a combination of pure oxygen and negative ions helping to purify the hair.

- Ceramic ball air purifying technology
- Powerful ionizer-produces continuous stream of over 3 million negative  ions
- Positive and negative switch
- Shock tested-uilt with a dual housing structure for extreme duraility
- Powerful AC motor
- Light weight
- Ergonomic design
- Specially designed cap with silent fan blade-reduces noise and allows optimal air flow

Weight 2.45 lbs and you get a 1yr warranty! Beautiful isn't it?!!!


   Jordan - Retro Ajix Snapback

Now I got this for my Grey is one of my favorite colors other than yellow, red, n black.. He said i like it but did you get me this because it's your favorite color or because it looks good on me.. I said both.. I bought him so far about 15 grey things so he knows i like grey on him but because i like grey..It's a smooth color..relax type of mood to me. Anyways. here is more about the cap.

Of course it's's has a snapack adjustable strap on the back so it will fit any size head. It also has the iconic hoop on the side you know the jordan logo with the man with hi hand in the air like he is getting ready to dunk..picture him trying to dunk and miss the saying..Back to the's 100% wool / Also available in Black's on sale! $5 off is a big deal so there..That's it!

Was $30.00 now only $24.95 This is a good buy if you are a cap fanatic!

Beats By Dre High Defination Headphones
I have to get one of these! This is definately in my to get list..You should know they also have these


 BEATS BY DRE MENS White Accessories / Headphones WAS $449.95 NOW>>$399.99

BEATS BY DRE MENS Black Accessories / Headphones Was $449.95 NOW >>$299.97

these are different from the one pictured below..Click the link above if you want to see it.

-Light and compact tri fold design
-Ultra low profile right angle connectors hugs your music player
-3.5 mm cable
-Comffortable light weight fit
-Fabric: Super durable and lexible materials

                      Was $449.95 now only $399.99


Hollywood Cross-Body Messenger Bag - Black

The american dream lives on in this hollywood crossbody messenger bag by bedstu. The cone-shaped mockamerican flag stud pattern complements the hand washed, distressed leather for a vintage look with modern style. Material: Leather - Style name: Hollywood.

Was $175.00 now only $122.50

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